TOPIQ | Quick webinars by Rigaku

Durante el mes de abril, Rigaku desarrollará varios webinars, encuentre su favorito aquí.


TOPIQ | Quantitative phase analysis based on Rietveld method for data collected on MiniFlex600 »»» 7 de abril
TOPIQ | Rigaku Progeny 1064 nm Raman as a Versatile Solution for Raw Material ID and Verification »»» 8 de abril
CrysAlisᴾʳᵒ 40: 64-bit, Synergy, HyPix-Arc 150°, AutoChem4.0, Ewald 3D »»» 9 de abril
TOPIQ | How to Work from home »»» 14 de abril
TOPIQ | Processing of a twinned data set in CrysAlisᴾʳᵒ and structure solution in Olex² »»» 15 de abril
TOPIQ | Supermini200 – compact, versatile and most powerful elemental analysis in petrochemicals »»» 16 de abril
X-ray Computed Tomography for Materials & Life Science 5: Plant Science Applications »»» 29 de abril

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